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Changes at Perry's

When I started Perry's Resin Replicas, I did so with a long term goal of someday opening a hobby shop. In November 2006, we did that. I had originally planned on continuing with Perry's in it's current form, but time isn't permitting that. With the hobby shop being a full-time, and, at this time, a seven day a week job, I've decided to trim Perry's back. We are dropping all the small parts and tires from the website, however they will still be available in the shop and at shows. They will NOT be available by mail or internet order.
The website will continue to operate and carry the body kits and conversions.

All current orders will be filled, however, no new orders for small parts and tires will be processed as of January 7, 2008.

Now, with time being freed up, this will allow us to bring new products to market.

Randy Frost

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